The sacrament of reconciliation or confession is available at St Joseph’s, Ushaw Moor on Tuesdays at 6.15 – 7.00pm, after weekday masses, or upon request to Fr David.




Baptism is the gateway to all other sacraments. Without Baptism no other sacraments can be received. Preparation sessions for parents considering baptism for their children are offered across the family of parishes but one or both parents must already be a baptised Catholic. Preparation sessions are advertised on the parish newsletter or alternatively you can contact the parish office for information (email or phone 0191 373 0219).

First Holy Communion & Reconciliation

Preparation for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation is open to baptised Catholic children from Year 4 and above and follows the Diocesan Programme. Initial contact is made to the parents of eligible children by the Parish Priest, Fr David Coxon, and is also advertised on the parish newsletter. An information meeting led by Fr David for all parents expressing a wish for their child to be part of the programme is held explaining in more detail the requirements and commitment involved. We have monthly parish sessions for the children, led by a group of catechists from across the family of parishes, and for the parents, led by Fr David. This is followed by a short liturgy during the weekend mass in each parish. It is equally important to grow into being part of our community by regularly attending and sharing in our weekend mass. The children also have preparation classes in school.


Preparation for Confirmation also follows the Diocesan Programme. Students in diocesan Catholic schools are taught a module on confirmation in their curriculum R.E. Lessons at the end of year 8. Initial contact is made to eligible baptised Catholic young people from across the family of parishes via St Leonard’s R.C. School alongside advertising on the parish newsletter. An information meeting is led by Fr David for young people wishing to be part of the programme, and for their parents; this is to detail the commitment involved. A team of catechists and volunteers from across the family of parishes work alongside Fr David.


Couples wishing to be married in any of our churches should contact Fr David or the parish office. Either or both parties must be a baptised Catholic.